In our production facility, which is fully equipped with advanced technology; We have a production capacity of 25,000 tons/year with our 1.100, 1.450, 1.650,2.200 and 2.750 tons of extrusion press lines.

Equipped with superior technologies, our presses automatically adjust production speeds and billet sizes, giving minimum waste and achieving maximum production in unit time.


We carry out quality production with our technology in our machinery park, which has an annual capacity of 5,000 tons of aluminum profiles and precision processing;

• All cutting, drilling, slotting, countersinking, unloading (5 axes)

• Vibration deburring and washing, surface and cutting area brushing, chamfering operations

• Special high-tech serial processing machines that we designed in line with customer projects.


An exceptional anodizing process is the product of strict quality management procedures. In our anodizing facility with a capacity of 19,000 tons, 7.5mt. profiles up to the length are processed. We ensure the sustainability of our quality with the full automation infrastructure system in our facility.
Natural, black, gold, shades of bronze, satinating to polishing, inox effect, scotch brite™, sandpaper fi nishing, steel wire brushing, shot-blasting.

One of the most advanced systems of its kind, the Anodizing Facility is equipped with an intelligent waste-recovery, recycling and pollution control capability to ensure every aspect of Anodizing Process is compliant with all key environmental standards.

Colour Options ( Black-Silver…)
Polishing (E3)
Brushing (E2)
Seperate facility for accessories are the other advantages.


It is a powder coating process on aluminum. It offers the opportunity to gain countless alternative color and pattern appearances to aluminum.

In our state-of-the-art facility with a capacity of 9,000 tons, 8mt. profiles are painted up to the length. 

Our facility is managed with a full automation software system. Special gloss and high-level visuality criteria are provided in our paint shop, which was created in accordance with international standards.