Who We Are ?

ALUNET is an independent profile manufacturer and operating across Europe and the Middle East. We provide solutions in aluminium as well as other metals. As a preferred supplier and partner, we have a far-reaching, international contact network.

We offer both standardized and customized solutions and we are ready to support you at every step. As your preferred partner, we ensure the best guidance, solution and quality every time. We help business partners reduce costs, improve internal processes so that they can realise cost savings faster. We aim to ensure savings are measurable and sustainable – delivering greater value for your business over the longer term.

Our special skills and knowledge come from almost 20 years of experience. Thanks to our dedicated and capable staff, we are characterised by competent guidance and extensive in-house knowledge of aluminium. Each and every day, we work hard to realise and develop solutions that focus on the customer’s specific requirements.

What Makes Us Different ?

ALUNET is a friendly yet deeply committed company. It always will be too, however large its structure, turnover or growth, because understanding and working with the reality that company’s face on the ground is our reason for being.

However, there are more tangible factors that define us. Characteristics that typify the competitive advantages we offer which have earned the trust of an ever-growing number of clients.


Our background and the path we have taken clearly define us – we are business professionals. In many cases, we have dedicated over 20 years to improving the competitive capacity of large companies from a professional business perspective.


%100 Customer Centricity

We improve our clients’ operational processes and capacity. However, our work is clearly incomplete without good results. This is what commitment means to us and what we put into practice. We put ourselves in your shoes, assume your needs, define strategies and targets and achieve them. There is no other alternative.

Why Work With Us?

All of ALUNET’s procurement engagements are led by seasoned procurement experts and supported by a world-class infrastructure comprising our innovative methodologies; a rich knowledge base of best practices, benchmarks, and analytical tools and templates; market intelligence capabilities.